Struggling Parent?      Exhausted?     Frustrated?     Arguing?     Tantrums?


Are you nervous about your child starting school because of behaviors?

Starting School Strong

So much more than Academics!

A complete course -  full of practical, easy to learn skills that give your kids the social and behavioral advantage transitioning into school and throughout LIFE!


Positive Behaviors are Essential to School Success


Teach Your Kids Skills That Will Last A Lifetime!

5 Modules with 5 Lessons filled with videos, worksheets, blogs, ideas and success stratagies for parents , grandparents and caregivers to settle the chaos.

Here are some of the skills you will learn

  • Morning Routines Without a Fight
  • Listening & Following Directions the First Time
  • Teaching Successful Choices and Decision Making
  • Setting & Enforcing Limits & Boundaries
  • How to Discipline Kids Without Losing Their Love
  • Conflict Resolution Between Children

The SKILLS you need to solidify your child's school success.

 Learn what the experts know - it's not all about academics.  


YOU can change the trajectory of success for your child in

Starting School Strong!


Interviews with educators helping you focus on what skills you can learn to make home and school more successful.


If you are a struggling parent and your kids are out of control and you can’t  figure out what the heck happened? 

Are you asking yourself - how your child got so out of control?

Do you sometimes just give in - because you do not want the tantrum or fight?

Do you sometimes ignore it because you do not know what to do?


Do you feel exhausted with the struggle and it is still morning?

Believe me …..  you are Not alone.

Get the ultimate roadmap to help your child be behavior ready when they start school.

Positive Behaviors are Essential to School Success

Are you ready for your child to be Starting School Strong?

Here is why this is so very important

What if I told you, your child’s behavior is directly related to school success.

Yup - that’s right - Even more essential that academics!

What if I told you there was a way you can create the atmosphere in your home where there is less tantrums, arguments and chaos

Would you like that?

 My name is Dr. Judy Sullivan Osterhage.  I am an Early Childhood Specialist, teaching preschool and kindergarten for many years.  In fact, I was a mentor teacher for college students pursuing their teaching certificate.  I have teaching experience from preschool to college courses al related to Early Childhood education.  I also have a degree in Elementary Education focusing on K - 12.  Later I earned my doctorate degree in Social Justice - Educational Leadership for Change.

But, it wasn’t so easy …………

You would think parenting would come easy to me - with all that education, right?

NO…….  It was one of the most difficult things I had ever done. 

I had all this education as a teacher, but I never had been a parent.

 It was a disaster!

 It all started long ago …….. when I became a parent

My Sam was born big, really big.  We left the hospital wearing 6 month old clothes.  No new born sizes for us - no way.  The real struggle is when he started to crawl.  He was fast, curious and determined!

 And - he was difficult to lift.  His squirming escape tactics had us in power struggles from very early on.  Then to add he walked early, was tall and loved to climb - I mean really climb.

Oh, and he was so strong.  He could typically rattle ever baby gate loose.  He was like an escape artist -   he would escape a playpen and crib due to his height and he would climb book shelves, counter tops and trees.

Yes, trees and he wasn’t even 1 yet!

It didn’t get easier as he became quicker and more agile.

 I always thought I wanted to be a stay home mom, but now I wasn’t quite so sure.

And he stuck everything into his mouth….  Everything! 

Even exploring the backyard - I had to be right there - that kid could stick a snail in his mouth without me even be able to catch him.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

Have you ever woken up and thought - I don’t want to be a parent anymore?

Have you ever thought, this is way too much work?    Or ……. I thought I would enjoy being a parent - what is wrong with me?

Oh boy, can I relate 

I wanted to be a good parent …… I really did 

I felt like such a failure, especially because I had was “supposed to” know what I was doing.  The self-doubt started to erode my confidence - maybe I am not cut out for this parenting thing.

Do you ever wonder if you had what it takes to be one of “those moms?”

The parent where the kids actually listened?

I was so embarrasses to go anywhere, because I was not sure how my son would act. And to make matters worse many of my friends were teachers.

 Are you ever afraid to parent around other people, especially your friends?

Do you dread parenting in public? (I still cringe at the memories leaving the park)

The incident that changed everything ……..  Because of my role as a teacher, I often had parents call me and ask for parenting advice.  I was even assigned to facilitate a parent support group - YIKES!

 One Saturday morning a distraught mom called my home to ask for some parental wisdom.  We were in the backyard and I was excitingly telling her how she should parent her child.  I was telling her she needed to be consistent, and firm and have consequences …………..

 All the while my Sam was poking me in the butt with a stick,  I tried to grab it away but he was too quick.  He kept returning from out of nowhere and poking and poking and then running away.  I was trying to grab him while I did not skip a word of telling this mom how she needed to parent.  Again, he got me, again I missed him.  I did not realize how winded I was getting until the mom asked if I was Ok - I sounded out of breath.

I continued dictating to her how to parent when I heard myself say - “you need to take charge of the situation!”  I stopped in my tracks.  What was I doing?  I had no business telling anyone else how to parent.  I was a failure.  I cried a lot that afternoon.  I felt mortified, embarrassed and hopeless! 

It was that day, I made a vow to learn how to parent. 

I was going to figure this parenting stuff out.

I was going to do this thing!

Are you ready?  Are you ready to do this thing? And the Transition began …………I assumed it would be easy for me because my experience.

 And to my embarrassment - I realized I had judged parents without even being a parent

Did you have the pre-parent perspective?

- My kids will never act like that in a restaurant…..

- My kids will never have dirty clothes like that ……. At that point, I had done my best parenting before I even had children.

The truth is I had a lot to learn. 

But not necessary about parenting, I needed to realize some things about myself.

I had such a preconceived notion about what I wanted my child to be, if he didn’t add to my ideal, I would get mad.  If he embarrassed me I would get frustrated.

If he acted his age (not his size)  would get aggravated.

My first step of becoming the amazing mom I am today is realizing I needed help!

I needed help to be a good mom and it was an investment in me and the success of my family!

Once I was honest with myself and ready to change, I could be hopeful that I could be the mommy I always wanted to be.  I could have a good relationship with my son.

Taking what I learned from that time of the incident in the backyard years ago, I have come along way.  I have raised 2 amazing boys to become amazing humans. 

I have continued in the educational field now for 40 years, now working, with foster parents and foster teens with some of the biggest behavioral challenges.  And I am a sought after - certified parent coach.

That is my journey from where I was and why now I have a heart’s desire to help you be the best parent you can be!  Teach Your Kids Skills That Will Last A Lifetime!

Are you ready?

Are you ready to learn some successful strategies that will put the fun into parenting?

 Helping your child be successful in the beginning of the school journey is one of the best gifts you can give them.

I would love if you joined me in - Starting School Strong

Starting School Strong - is an on-line course full of practical, easy to learn skills that give your kids the social and behavioral advantage transitioning into Kindergarten and that make parenting less stressful, fun and effective.  This is not an academic program but a parenting training that helps parents with skills that empower them to prepare their child with social and behavioral expectations that are in a kindergarten classroom.  

Watch videos to see what teachers think is the most important things a kindergarten needs to know.  We see an elementary school principal and a foster mom having over 200 kids from her years of experience with children at risk and trauma.

Teach Your Kids Skills That Will Last A Lifetime!

So, why do I do this?

Because I remember the frustration and aggravation so well.  I have combined my own experience, my years of teaching and seeing what makes the kids most successful at school and what my parent coaching clients struggle with, to bring you an amazing offer.

Throughout this journey, my son, Sam was one of my biggest challenges, one of my biggest inspirations and one of biggest delights!  I lost my Sam when he was 17 years old from an undiagnosed heart condition. I am so thankful I made the decision to become the parent Sam needed for his active, intelligent and spirited personality. 

It was so worth the investment to become the best parent I could be!   He was an amazing human that changes our community and this world.  I am so thankful and honored to say I raised him.

Here is what to do next - give me a call and lets chat to see if there are any additional questions about Starting School Strong

Or you can follow this link and purchase right away because you are ready to start your journey on being the best parent to prepare your child for school and life success!

For a limited few there is an option to add personal parent coaching to support you through the course.  I limit my coaching clients to a few at a time so I can give them the personal attention they deserve.

Starting School Strong

So much more than Academics!

$497.00 USD

Start Early!

You can start teaching most of these skills when they are 1 years old.

Celebrate your child!

Understanding their behaviors and setting limits will help them succeed!

Enjoy your Child!

Play and have FUN!  
Enjoy these early years!